martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

Mi infografía:Cosas que deberías saber sobre ciencias(1)

On cells of the human body:
The human adult body contains about 50 million cells.
Three billion cells die per minute. Do not worry, most are renewed ....
The egg is the largest human cell, can be seen without a microscope.
Each fabric is formed by similar cells with a specific function.
Some cells of the intestine live only three days, whereas a brain cell can last a lifetime.
Red blood cells are the only cells without nuclei, carry oxygen and live about 120 days.
Cells multiply and divide to allow us to grow. Divisones faster occur in the fetus in the mother.
The uncontrolled growth of cancer cells which produce tumors should.
All beings hunamos surgirmos from two single cells: an egg and a sperm.
Neurons are the longest cells, some can reach more than one meter.
If all cells were publicly together may reach a length of 1000 km.
We have more than 200 kinds of cells with specialized functions.

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