sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

Recursos de geología.

Recursos geología.http://www.mrsleeearthscience.com/geoscience-processes.html

Rocks: Pictures and Information - This is the Geology.com site which contains most of the information you may need for the flip book.

Rock and the Rock Cycle - This is a Windows to the Universe page that will help you find out about the three types of rocks.

Rock Cycle - This is an interactive site from Annenberg Learner and has great information in an easy to follow format.

Mineralogy for Kids - This site gives lots of information about the minerals found in the world and in your home.

Crystal Growing Contest - Are you interested in growing a large, single crystal?  Here's a competition for you.  You can get credit at school for participating...it appears to be a Win-Win

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